The postnatal period is a time of change and adjustment, and sometimes you may feel you need a little more support.

For everyone I work with this looks different, it’s perhaps some support to allow you to rest and recuperate after birth (which may involve meal preparation, looking after siblings, light housework), perhaps supporting you with the care of your new baby or babies, sometimes it may be company and reassurance, or supporting a family to make sense of information and evidence to make the parenting choices that are right for them.

A postnatal doula can be on hand to support you in your transition whether it’s your first baby or fifth, we can fill many roles and functions but primarily we support you to become the parent you want to be with practical, emotional and non judgemental support.

This can be especially useful in the 4th trimester when you and your baby are just getting used to each other. Around the world this is a period where new mothers are encouraged to rest and recuperate whilst getting to know their new baby. In a more dispersed society we don’t always have the support we need from family and friends to facilitate this, and this is where the support of a doula can be beneficial.

As a postnatal doula I can provide both practical and emotional support to you to enable you to be the parent you want to be, supporting you and your family just when you need it.

Doula support is priced at £20 per hour.  

I don’t believe that finance should be a barrier to getting the support you need as a parent, so I offer flexible payment terms, skills swaps and have some discounts available, please get in touch to find out more.

Follow this link to some postnatal affirmations which are free for you to download and print: Postnatal Affirmations

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