In the first of a series of blog posts meeting local perinatal practitioners we’re finding out about Mama Magic. I chatted with Kat about how Mama Magic came to be and how Covid 19 has affected things for her.

Mama Magic’s early days

I first met Kat at a local breastfeeding group (Bosom Buddies Northwich) where I was volunteering. She’s part of team at the children’s centre supporting families in the local community. Working alongside Kat in the breastfeeding group it was clear to see that she was kind, compassionate and very knowledgeable.

Prior to joining the team at the children’s centre Kat had been a 121 Mama. In this role she supported families with antenatal and postnatal education, practical and emotional support and infant feeding support.

Following 121 Midwive’s closure Kat set up Mama Magic in October 2019 to provide a holistic approach to parenting, education and support.

It is plain to see Kat is passionate about supporting families. With her knowledge and expertise in delivering parent education, hypnobirthing and feeding support, Kat can help families to make choices that are right for them.

What’s next for Mama Magic?

Inevitably, Covid 19 has made this a little more difficult, not being able to run face to face sessions for a number of months and events like the local homebirth group (which Kat supports) being suspended means a lack of opportunities to meet pregnant and new parents along with less opportunities to talk to people about Mama Magic.

Kat has plans for the future though and is looking to grow Mama Magic through running some classes for local parents on practical baby care, feeding and of course hypnobirthing. Kat likes to work closely with her clients, supporting their needs to allow them the become empowered as parents making the choices that are right for them.

A top tip for you

I asked Kat what her top tip for you was:

“Explore your options, find the facts to support your choices and follow your instinct.”

What do I think Mama Magic can offer you?

  • Knowledgeable and evidence based support
  • A flexible approach to antenatal education with a variety of formats
  • Hypnobirthing courses and classes
  • A really compassionate approach with a focus on wellbeing.

Where can you find our more?

You can contact Kat via her facebook page where she will be more than happy to discuss how she can support you.