Since 2016 I have been working online for the NCT deliver both antenatal and postnatal courses in and around Cheshire.

I really enjoy this element of my work. Supporting people to explore their options and gain a deeper understanding of pregnancy, birth and the early days with their new baby.

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Recent NCT Client Feedback

“We really enjoyed the sessions, and it was great to meet new couples and realise that we are all worried/excited about the same things. Donna is really easy going and puts us all at ease, whilst also pushing us a bit by mixing groups and taking us out of our comfort zone.”

“Donna was so informative and friendly and it was so lovely to meet people due a similar time to me. I was reticent about it being online but I enjoyed every session.”

“The whole experience was brilliant and we learnt so much about childbirth and early life with a new born, invaluable information and experiences that will for sure make us better parents.”

“We enjoyed the interactive nature of the sessions – though on Zoom – the exercises we carried out in groups helped us to feel more involved in the course and provided an opportunity for us to get to know the other people on our course”