A gentle yet powerful tool for releasing unwanted or negative feelings

As a doula and perinatal practitioner, I work with families at all stages of life, supporting them through their experiences and to overcome challenges. One of the challenges that new parents may face is trauma related to pregnancy, birth, feeding and parenthood. The 3 step rewind technique offers you an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings about your experience in a safe space.

You will be to share your story (if that’s what you want); exploring how you feel and how it impacts your day to day life; and look towards the future, reframing your experience free of the feelings currently associated with it.

No matter how your experience looked to others, it is your own lived in experience that matters. If something doesn’t feel right, and you feel like you could benefit from the rewind technique please get in touch.

The 3 step rewind technique utilises guided relaxation and discussion across three sessions to support you to find a way through your trauma. Allowing you to move on from the trauma without experiencing the feelings that were once attached to it.

Session 1

An hour or two, getting to know each other, understanding the rewind technique, practice the guided relaxation.

Session 2

Around an hour, catch up and reacquaint, guided relaxation which incorporates the rewind technique, time to relax.

Session 3

A shorter session of up to an hour, where we consider the progress made, make plans for the future.

At all times you are in complete control of the process and we work at your speed.

Sometimes the technique is effective immediately, sometimes a couple of sessions may be necessary to fully resolve the trauma.


My fee for this is £120, which equates to £40 per session, within 10 miles of Northwich (additional mileage may be charged outside of this area).

Please feel free to get in touch to find out more or to book a your sessions.

I don’t believe that finance should be a barrier to getting the support you need. I offer flexible payment terms, skills swaps and have some discounts available, please get in touch to find out more.

I completed my  training with Mia Scotland as part of the  Birthing Awareness programme, through which I am mentored to ensure that my practice is safe and effective.More info on on how the rewind technique works  HERE.

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