In the company of Developing Doulas

Recently I have been spending a LOT of time on online, running antenatal sessions, postnatal sessions, baby massage courses, some postnatal doula work, attending quizzes, book clubs, Maternity Voices Partnerships meetings, I even did 4 days of conferences via online platforms.

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In addition to all the above I have been supporting Developing Doulas with their online doula course.

I lurked in the background of the call, making zoom magic happen, finding links and helping the sessions to flow. It was an opportunity I came a cross by accident and allowed me to spend my Tuesday evenings with Zara (my own developing doulas course leader from 2017) and a group of new Developing Doulas.

The Developing Doulas online offering is a combination of online modules and weekly zoom sessions with support from Developing Doulas mentors. The course covers everything the face to face course covers but offers the flexibility of self paced study with a responsive and really nurturing support network.

This course is based on Maddie McMahon’s Doulavation platform, the material is thought provoking, detailed, evidence based, and balanced. It has a really good set of resources which challenges preconceptions and beliefs in a safe and supportive space.

The Zoom sessions pull together the online elements with an opportunity to debrief, dissect and reflect on your own experiences. This is a really valuable element of the course because it allows everyone to practice the open and non judgemental approach that is a core part of our work as doulas.

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This is the ultimate zoom session, safe and nurturing allowing for really open and honest conversations. It was a weekly “doula hug” for me. I felt at home in the wonderfully open, caring and supportive environment. This is made possible by the Developing Doulas mentors; who hold the space, guide the conversation and balance the discussions with evidence and insight.

It’s been a great opportunity for self development, picking up new bits of evidence and perspectives, gaining new insight. More than anything the sessions gave me a welcome break from life in the world of Covid 19 … My screen was filled with amazing women who have ideas, passion and stories to tell. I have loved listening to their insights and realisations; seeing the light in their eyes as they reach a moment of clarity; hear different voices and perspectives and they see the world just a little differently.

Their knowledge and compassion has rubbed off on me; each and every one of them provided me with food for thought. I sometimes find myself thinking about things they have said days after a Zoom session ends.

These women will be part of a change in their own communities and beyond. Their ideas and compassion will make such a difference to the experience of the people they work with. They will set ripples in motion that will reach further than they might ever realise.

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